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A Few Ideas to Get You Started Building your Geometry Toolkit

  • Figures will be constructed from a collection of points.
  • Each point is a turtle capable of being moved and reporting where it is on the page.
  1. Download MicroWorlds Pro software if you don't have it already.
  2. Download the project starter for your computer and version of MicroWorlds:
  3. If yo do steps 1 and 2, ignore steps 4-6. If you are starting from scratch do all of the following steps.
  4. Create 26 shapes in the shapes center containing a point in the middle and one letter of the alphabet beside it. (Copy and paste similar shapes to save time) Be sure to name each point with the name of its letter. You may also wish to create a point shape with no label and name it point.
  5. Create a shape for the cursor turtle to wear. I chose the star since it stands out nicely. How about a little mathematician turtle?
  6. Create a textbox that tell the user what the last point created. Name it Last.Point
  7. The words that appear on a MicroWorlds button are the instructions that the button will follow when pressed.
  8. Can you create a button to draw any polygon? Use Question or Sliders to provide input to the polygon procedure. (Ask your teacher or check the HELP section of the HELP menu in MicroWorlds Pro to learn about sliders and buttons)
  9. Can you make a button(s) to draw different types of triangles?
  10. What sorts of other figures should your toolkit be able to draw?
  11. What sorts of ways do you want to measure and compare your figures?
  12. Can you provide some information on the name and position of the current point?
  13. Is there some way you can make the alphabetic label on a point disappear when there is a crowded drawing and reappear at other times?


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