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Converge Magazine named Gary Stager a "Shaper of Our Future" in its August 1999 issue!

Gary S. Stager is the 1998 Recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award presented by the New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative

What educators have to say about Gary Stager...

Some people think "outside of the box." Gary is unaware of the box's existence.
Dr. David Thornburg (author, speaker, futurist)

I recently attended the summit in Chicago. Your presentation was fantastic. I only hope I can begin to get my own head truly focused on a new way of teaching. What I beieve needs to be done is still a fleeting wisp of a vision. Trying to make every stakeholder "happy" is NOT possible. Between NCLB and pacing charts, and ISAT tests, it is hard to convinced those teachers entrenched in the 50's to moved along without deflating the spirit of those who are ready to move ahead. Keep up the wonderful work. You are now my "spirit-lifting bookmark."
6th grade teacher

    He has an exceptional ability to conceptualize and develop thoughts which are readily used in everyday work situations... Through his efforts children were able to go far beyond what you would expect in the regular classroom. He encouraged and helped teachers who were afraid of computer instruction to allow the students to travel far beyond their realm of knowledge.
    Thomas H. Huff, Asst. Supt. of Schools (retired)
    Wayne Township Public Schools (NJ)

Love your article!
Susan Ohanian (author of Garbage Pizza Patchwork Quilts and Math Magic, One Size Fits Few: The Folly of Educational Standards and Caught in the Middle)

..rarely have I seen teachers so stimulated to discussion, especially in an evening course they attend after a full day's work in school.
Dr. Anne McDougall, Senior Lecturer
Monash University, Australia

    I wanted to thank you for the Cyberschool Microworlds/Mindstorms workshops. The energy in the labs was unbelievable! It was as if you were a magnet and your energy kept drawing children into the room. In all my years at Cyberschool-I've never seen anything like it. Your talk was entertaining as well.
    R. Jones
    Edmonds Cyberschool - Washington, USA

Enjoyed your piece... Glad you, too, are in there fighting.
Alfie Kohn (author of The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools, Punished By Rewards and The Schools Our Children Deserve)

The feedback from all of your sessions indicates that your contribution towards the professional development of these exemplary educators was stimulating, thought provoking, motivating and, not least, entertaining. Your experience in working with teachers in their own setting, empathetic approach and passion for making schools amenable to the needs of children were features of your presentations and workshops.

I look forward to your future visits to Melbourne and trust that your contributions to the improvement of education in Victoria will be ongoing for many years to come.
Bruce Rigby, Group Manager - Learning Technologies
Victoria (Australia) Department of Education

    Your ASCD presentation was outstanding and I gained valuable understanding from it.
    J.S. (teacher)
    Frederick, MD

Thanks for a wonderful hour yesterday.
M.R. (attendee at the Schooltech Expo)

Just a brief note to say thanks for a most informative and motivating session today. Your annecdotes and comments hit the spot... Anyways... your session today has given me the impetus to keep trying and make technology a vital part of any success i may have with my children.
Thanks again Gary

Peter Evans
Eagleby State School (Australia)

Thank you for giving such an entertaining keynote address to end out Computers in Education Conference... your provocative talk ensured that participants left stimulated and challenged.
Marie Smyth, 1991 Conference Chair
Computer Education Group of Victoria, Australia

    I take great pleasure in thanking you for the incomparably eye-and-mind opening presentation... Our work is moving ahead with a greater momentum since your visit.
    Gertrude Abramson, Associate Professor
    William Paterson College of NJ

Mr.Stager's love for education is evident in everything he does; he is a "master teacher" who knows how to lead children so that they experience learning without being "taught."
Nancy R. Gelman, Founder
Parents for Academically & Artistically Talented Students, Inc.

Gary Stager, who visited on the very last session, seemed to bring the whole class together in a very real and meaningful way. I will unashamedly be drawing on the things that he shared with us. Gary Stager seemed to verbalise many teaching and learning concepts that I had being subconsciously battling with for a number of years. The chance to listen to this man is one that I know I will look back on as a turning point to my attitudes and philosophies in teaching and learning.
Teacher education student
Monash University, Australia

A letter to the editor...
My response is simply, "terrific."  I think Gary's thinking is clear and uncluttered with false preconceptions. 

As a successful grant writer, 4th grade teacher and Nationally Board Certified Teacher, I find  that Gary is very much in tune with the reality of day to day teaching in a real classroom.  Many of his aside comments hit the mark directly...

...Gary's article is so outstanding that I have printed it out to share with my principal and I think it will be a "jumping off" point for more indepth discussion and to borrow a phrase, "accountable talk."  My students are currently publishing their stories on our classroom web site and not skipping any of the steps of the Writing Process.  I felt encouraged and reinforced in my efforts when I noted that Gary pointed out the importance of this.

L.S. (elementary school teacher)
San Pedro, California

The Speaking Out article, A Lotta Coloring Goin' On, was warmly debated and enjoyed during a luncheon with my colleagues. Almost all agreed with you!

Supervisor of Instructional Media


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