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Gary Stager's role in the history of classroom-based "laptop learning" is documented in the new book, Never Mind the Laptops: Kids, Computers and the Transformation of Learning, by Bob Johnstone.


"Gary Stager is one of the true pioneers of the 1:1 laptop movement.  His work in this area includes looking beyond the laptops to their effective application by students as true tools for learning.  Rather than seeing 1:1 computing as a vehicle for replicating older educational models, Gary sees it as a chance to transform educational practice in ways that truly prepare young people for lifelong learning."

Dr. David Thornburg
Noted futurist, author, consultant

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Quoted in the Press Enterprise newspaper regarding laptops (May 4, 2007)
New Tool for School Leaders

Selling the Dream for 1:1 Computing
Advice and talking points for school leaders interested in building support for 1:1 computing.

Laptop School Self-Assessment
How does your school measure up?

Laptop articles by Gary S. Stager

Laptop Woes
Bungling the World's Easiest Sale
An abridged version appears in the October 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on Tech Insurgents
Do Your Teachers Need a Computing IEP?
Published in the June 2005 issue of District Administration

Laptops in Education - Reinventing the Slate
Silicon Valley Giveth and Schools Taketh Away
An abridged version appears in the March 2003 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on How Computers May Save Music Education
Express Yourself Over Summer Vacation
Published in the July 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on High-Quality Online Education
How to make your online courses better than your traditional classes.
Published in the May 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on International Educational Comparisons
Put on your dunce caps! It's international education comparison season again!
Published in the April 2005 issue of District Administration

Gary Stager on The iPod Revolution
Are you ready for personal computing?
Published in the March 2005 issue of District Administration

Laptops Keep Falling on My Head
Maine's great laptop experiment should not be picked at, but applauded.
Published in the July 2002 issue of District Administration

Girls and Technology: Overcoming Myths and Malpractice (2002)
Thoughts presented as a keynote address at a Melbourne, Australia conference on girls and technology. A good deal of this paper is a reflection on twelve years of school laptop use.

I'm Outta Here
Want to know why one of the most dynamic school leaders in the last 30 years is walking away from his post? Australia's Wesley College principal explains it all to Gary Stager.
Published in the July 2002 issue of District Administration

In Defense of Seventh Grade Laptops
An unpublished letter to the editor of The Portland Press Herald newspaper (November 2000)

Laptop Schools Lead the Way in Professional Development
Gary's October 1995 article from the pages of Educational Leadership

Dream Bigger
This new major reflection on 10 years of work in 'laptop schools' will appear as a chapter in a soon-to-be-published book about laptop learning by the Children's Technology Foundation entitled, Transforming Learning. For more information, click here.

Kids with Laptops - The Antidote to Educational Computing
A Commentary by Gary S. Stager written in 1997 for Computelec Australia.

Laptops and Learning
Can laptop computers put the "C" (for constructionism) in Learning?
Published in the October 1998 issue of Curriculum Administrator

School is More than a Place - Laptops in Teacher Education (1997-98)

Inventing the Future Yesterday - One School's Attempt to Make Learning Personal (1994)

Computers for Kids, Not Schools (1993) from the book, Reflections of a Learning Community - Views on the Introduction of Laptops at MLC.

Laptops, Logo and Learning (1996)

Recent Keynotes on Laptops in Education (QuickTime)

Seymour Papert's keynote address at the International One-to-One Computing Conference
Sydney, Australia - June 2004

Governor Angus King's (I - Maine) keynote address at the International One-to-One Computing Conference
Sydney, Australia - June 2004

Note: Video takes a few moments to load and then plays fine.Laptop Resources

Research reports on classroom laptop use by Saul Rockman and Rockman, et al

Apple Computer One-to-One Learning Solutions

Hotsource: An online journal for laptop-using educators

Microsoft's Anytime Anywhere Learning Website

Powerpoint slides from a panel discussion on laptops in education presented by Gary Stager at the 2000 Schooltech Expo in New York City, May 1, 2000.
Gary Stager, Laptop Pioneer
From Melbourne to Maine, nobody has more laptop experience...
In 1990, Gary Stager was invited by Methodist Ladies' College (private school) and the Coombabah State School (public school), the first two schools in the world to provide hands-on professional development services for their teachers. Since 1990, Gary has worked with numerous Australian laptop schools and American institutions interested in the challenges and opportunities offered by ubiquitous computing. His university teaching at the graduate level involves teachers learning online and face-to-face via laptops and the Internet. Gary's leadership in the field of K-12 mobile computing is exhibited through his continuing engagement with the world's leading "laptop schools" and consulting work with such companies as Apple, Toshiba, Compaq and Microsoft. Click here for a more detailed biography.  
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