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Some people think 'outside of the box.' Gary is unaware of the box's existence!

David Thornburg, author, speaker & futurist

Dr. Stager is one of the most courageous voices on the educational landscape today. He fights tirelessly to wake up the slumbering forces that guard the traditional fortress of “one size fits all” education. Gary’s presentations to educators around the world bring standing ovations – for his engaging, practical presentations packed with actual examples of great ed tech learning, along with his wry comedic style and provocative calls to action.

Peter H. Reynolds, award-winning author, animator and speaker.

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Mr.Stager's love for education is evident in everything he does; he is a "master teacher" who knows how to lead children so that they experience learning without being "taught."

Nancy R. Gelman, Founder Parents for Academically & Artistically Talented Students, Inc.

The great thing about Gary is that he never gives up. He was there at the beginning of the great transformation of learning via the medium of portable computers, at the first school to implement laptops, Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne, in 1990. Fifteen years later, Gary's still at the forefront, still showing the way, still walking the walk in his inimitable style. His work - particularly among the most challenged students, like the juvenile offenders incarcerated at the Maine Youth Center -- provides conclusive proof that kids can learn better through the intelligent use of technology.

Bob Johnstone, author of Never Mind the Laptops: Kids, Computers and the Transformation of Learning, the premiere history of laptops in education

Gary is an outstanding educator who makes a powerful impact on teachers, parents and students. Gary worked with our school for five days. During that time, I was able to observe him leading faculty meetings, facilitating parent question and answer sessions and working with students in whole class settings. In each case, Gary provided quality instruction, insight and modeling of effective practices. He was able to quickly identify our specific needs and tailored his workshops and interactions accordingly. Gary is an enthusiastic, committed practitioner who challenges the status quo in a manner that promotes inquiry, reflection and substantive change. Gary keeps student learning as his central focus and left our teachers, students and parents energized and motivated to expand their view of how the learning environment can be restructured to improve engagement, motivation and achievement. Overall, it was an outstanding week and we appreciated all that Gary had to offer. 

Lisa Mireles
Assistant Superintendent
American School of Bombay, India

Gary Stager is one of the true pioneers of the 1:1 laptop movement.  His work in this area includes looking beyond the laptops to their effective application by students as true tools for learning.  Rather than seeing 1:1 computing as a vehicle for replicating older educational models, Gary sees it as a chance to transform educational practice in ways that truly prepare young people for lifelong learning.

Dr. David Thornburg
Noted futurist, author, consultant

I recently attended the summit in Chicago. Your presentation was fantastic. I only hope I can begin to get my own head truly focused
on a new way of teaching. What I beieve needs to be done is still a fleeting wisp of a vision. Trying to make every stakeholder "happy"
is NOT possible. Between NCLB and pacing charts, and ISAT tests, it is hard to convinced those teachers entrenched in the 50's to moved along without deflating the spirit of those who are ready to move ahead. Keep up the wonderful work. You are now my "spirit-lifting bookmark."

6th grade teacher

Our work is moving ahead with a greater momentum since your visit.

Gertrude Abramson, Associate Professor William Paterson College of NJ

...your session today has given me the impetus to keep trying and make technology a vital part of any success I have with my children.

Peter Evans
Eagleby State School

..rarely have I seen teachers so stimulated to discussion, especially in an evening course they attend after a full day's work in school.

Dr. Anne McDougall, Senior Lecturer Monash University, Australia

He has an exceptional ability to conceptualize and develop thoughts which are readily used in everyday work situations... Through his efforts children were able to go far beyond what you would expect in the regular classroom. He encouraged and helped teachers who were afraid of computer instruction to allow the students to travel far beyond their realm of knowledge.

Thomas H. Huff, Asst. Supt. of Schools (retired)
Wayne Township Public Schools (NJ)

I wanted to thank you for the Cyberschool Microworlds/Mindstorms workshops. The energy in the labs was unbelievable! It was as if you were a magnet and your energy kept drawing children into the room. In all my years at Cyberschool-I've never seen anything like it.

R. Jones, Edmonds Cyberschool - Washington, USA

... stimulating, thought provoking, motivating and, not least, entertaining. Your experience in working with teachers in their own setting, empathetic approach and passion for making schools amenable to the needs of children were features of your presentations and workshops.

Bruce Rigby, Group Manager - Learning Technologies
Victoria (Australia) Department of Education

Your ASCD presentation was outstanding and I gained valuable understanding from it.

J.S. (teacher)
Frederick, MD


edpress award

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"one of today's leaders who are changing the landscape of edtech through innovation and leadership"

The Stager Video Collection

Online video of recent presentations

Gary S. Stager, Ph.D.

  • PhD in Education - The University of Melbourne
  • Laptops in Education Pioneer
  • Executive Director - The Constructivist Consortium
  • Consultant - Fielding Nair International
  • Keynote Speaker - 2009 National Educational Computing Conference
  • Former Senior Editor - District Administration Magazine
  • Contibutor - The Huffington Post
  • Visiting Professor - Pepperdine University
  • Former Editor - The Pulse: Education's Place for Debate
  • Member - One Laptop Per Child Learning Team
  • New Media Producer for 2007 Grammy Award Winning Best Latin Jazz Album - Simpatico
  • Associate - Thornburg Center for Professional Development
  • Collaborator - MIT Media Lab Future of Learning Group
  • Visiting scholar - Trinity College, The University of Melbourne
  • Member - The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences
  • 2006 Finalist - Best Columnist - Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award
  • Member - Greater Los Angeles Press Club
  • Member - The Creative Coalition
  • Member - Jazz Journalists Association
  • SIIA Codies Judge
  • Editor-in-Chief (former) - Logo Exchange Journal
  • Corporate, School & Government Consultant
  • Software Designer
  • Outstanding Educator Award -1998 New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative
  • Co-Founder & Co-Director of We Learn@Home providing educational services for home schoolers
  • Converge Magazine - "Shaper of Our Future" August 1999 issue

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Gary Stager, an internationally recognized educator and consultant, has spent twenty-eight years helping teachers on six continents make sense of their roles in the age of personal computing and schools more constructive places for children. He is an expert in at-risk education and school reform. The June 2010 issue of Tech & Learning Magazine named Gary Stager as "one of today's leaders who are changing the landscape of edtech through innovation and leadership."

Inspiring Speaker
Gary's hundreds of hands-on workshops and conference presentations are known for being thoughtful, practical, and entertaining. He has spoken at dozens of prominent conferences in the United States, Canada, India, Qatar, Slovakia, Spain, Brazil, England, France, Denmark, Mexico, Bermuda, China, South Africa, Poland, Switzerland, South Korea, Peru, The Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia where he has keynoted the Australian Computers in Education Conference three times and many state conferences.

Dr. Stager was a keynote speaker at the 2009 National Educational Computing Conference before an audience of more than 4,000 educators. He was also a Visiting Scholar at The University of Melbourne's Trinity College during the summer of 2009. Gary Stager is also a consultant to the leading school architectural firm, Fielding Nair International.

Gary was a plenary speaker at the Constructionism 2010 Conference in Paris. He chaired seven NJ Educational Computing Conferences and the 1993 International Logo Conference in Australia. Dr. Stager is one of only a handful of educators to present papers at the 1990,1995, 2001 & 2005 World Conference on Computers in Education. Dr. Stager was a plenary speaker at Eurologo 2005 in Warsaw, Poland EuroLogo 2007 in Bratislava, Slovak Republic and a keynote speaker, along with Dr. Seymour Papert and Maine Governor, Angus King in Sydney, Australia for Apple Computer's Australian 1:1 computing launch, i3 in 2004.

Gary was a keynote speaker for the 2006/2007/2008 NYSCATE Annual Conference, the first Anytime Anywhere Learning Conference in Boston, the NYSCATE eLearning Conference and NYSCATE Summer Leadership Symposium. Dr. Stager was the opening keynote speaker at the 2002 TCEA 12 Conference in Texas, 2002 Expanding Horizons Conference in New Zealand, 1996 Tennessee Educational Technology Conference, the Logo - Twenty Years On Conference in Melbourne, Australia, the 2001 MACE Conference in Kansas, the 2001 SOITA Conference in Ohio and the 1997 Video Using Educators Conference in Los Angeles. He was a featured speaker at the 1998 & 2001 MACUL Conference and is a member of the Educational Technology Leaders Summit. Gary was a Featured Speaker at Technology & Learning Magazine's SchoolTech Expo and Conference in New York City. He is a frequent spotlight speaker at the National Educational Computing Conference and has been invited to present at several ASCD, NCTM, NAIS and NSBA Conferences.

Teacher Education
Dr. Stager was a Visiting Professor of education at Pepperdine University and a popular professional development seminar leader across the United States. At Pepperdine, he taught in the edtech programs at the Masters and doctoral level, as well as in the teacher education Masters degree program, Educational Leadership and the Organizational Leadership doctoral programs. He is also an associate of the prestigious Thornburg Center for Professional Development.

Gary is a pioneer in helping teachers create learning environments designed to support personal computing and adapt to the changes in curriculum, assessment, and professional development that will follow. Dr. Stager recently helped design Pepperdine University's ground-breaking Online Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree program and now teaches in that program. For a time he led Pepperdine's involvement in MathStar, a federally-funded grant designed to improve middle school mathematics achievement and teacher development.

Urban Outreach
In 2008-2009, Dr. Stager led a middle school science and technology grant program in the Brooklyn, NY public schools.

Gary has extensive experience working in urban school districts and have worked closely with teachers in New York City, Newark, NJ and the Los Angeles area. For years he helped Stevens Institute of Technology bring rich mathematical and scientific thinking experiences to children and teachers, regardless of their age, gender, race or perceived ability. In 2007, he was part of a panel discussion about improving mathematics learning in Harlem, along with Dr, Pedro Noguera and Dr, Robert Moses. Gary Stager has also led professional development activities in the developing world.

Writer and Editor
He was Senior Editor and West-Coast Bureau Chief for District Administration Magazine, the Editor-in-Chief of ISTE's Logo Exchange Journal and has been published by Educational Leadership, GOOD Magazine and The Huffington Post. Gary is widely published in educational journals and conference proceedings around the world. He was a finalist for best columnist in the 2006 Association of Education Publishers Distinguised Achievement Awards.

Dr. Stager was also Founding Editor of The Pulse: Education's Place for Debate.

Gary's thoughts on the future of educational computing, New Trends New Learning Opportunities were featured in Upgrade: The Magazine of the Software Pubisher's Association (Dec. 98/Jan. 99 issue). His article, Dream Bigger was published in the anthology, Transforming Learning - An Anthology of Miracles in Technology-Rich Schools.

Gary Stager is one of the authors of the recently published TechYes Student Guide and The TechYes Implementation Guide. TechYes is a revolutionary product that allows middle school students to earn computer literacy certification through the creation of personally-meaningful peer-reviewed projects.

Gary is coauthor of The North Star Guide to Technology Planning, Snapshots! Educational Insights from the Thornburg Center and the author of MicroWorlds Pro Tips and Tricks.

Expanding Expectations is a series of online professional development resources Gary created for Apple Computer.

Constructionist Learning Laboratory
Since 1999, Gary Stager worked closely with Dr. Seymour Papert in the development and operation of the Constructionist Learning Laboratory, a multiage high-tech alternative environment for adjudicated at-risk teens in the Maine Youth Center. This project is the subject of his doctoral dissertation. Information about this groundbreaking project may be found here. A terrific article about the Constructionist Learning Laboratory was featured in Converge Magazine.

Logo Pioneer
Gary is a founder and Past-President of ISTE's SIGLogo.

Dr. Stager has worked as a consultant to Logo Computer Systems, Inc., Universal Studios, Claris, Microsoft, Disney, Apple, Compaq, Tom Snyder Productions, Netschools and LEGO dacta.

For a decade, Gary was Director of Professional Development for the Network for Action in Microcomputer Education, a New Jersey consortium of 150 computer-using school districts. He is now a consultant to several homeschooling communities and a founder of, a consulting firm offering educational support services for homeschoolers.

Gary participated in the preparation and implementation of several grants dealing with mathematics education reform and math and science for urban students. He recently contributed to the creation of a successful USAID grant intended to improve education in Jamaica.

Gary is a member of the The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and a CODIES judge for the Software Industry and Information Association.

Gary has spent fifteen years working with schools around the world in which every student has a personal notebook computer. In fact, Gary was responsible for early professional development activities at the world's first two laptop schools in Australia (1990). He was a consultant in Maine where every 7th and 8th grader now receives a personal iBook.

A (pre k - 8) elementary school teacher by training, Dr. Stager has worked with preschool through doctoral-level students and earned his Ph.D. in science and mathematics education at The University Of Melbourne. Prior to becoming a teacher, Gary studied jazz performance, composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music, Rutgers University and William Paterson University, as well as privately in New York City.

Gary Stager is available as an educational consultant or staff developer in your school or district. Educational institutions may choose from a wide variety of workshop topics and customize a program to meet their individual needs. Please contact Gary at the following address for further information on highly successful minds-on workshops, in-service day presentations, and consulting services.

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