Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Independence Day Kosovo!

I was exiting the subway at Rockefeller Center when I heard horns blaring and sirens wailing up 6th Avenue. Hundreds of (luxury) cars and SUVs full of exuberant flag-waving Kosovoans were jamming traffic and ear drums in all directions.

My first thought was that Kosovo won a soccer match, but then I noticed all of the American flags.

This was no celebration of a sporting victory. Kosovo, with the help of the Clinton Administration and NATO, had earned their independence from Serbia.

Congratulations Kosovo and Americans from Kosovo!

I love NY!!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

If Obama Wins, Thank Howard Dean!

If Barack Obama happens to win the his party's nomination and takes the White House it is the result of Howard Dean's leadership as party chair and first candidate to to use the social aspects of the Web successfully for organizational purposes and to excite young voters.

In 2004, Howard Dean tapped into the anger over the war in Iraq and contempt of the Constitution displayed by the Bush Administration. He said that NCLB was a disaster. He was right on many of these issues and more. He revolutionized online fundraising and introduced the political world to blogs and

After being destroyed by an open mic and a giddy mainstream media, Governor Dean became Chair of the Democratic National Committee. This represented the first time that the party leaned left and moved away from the Democratic Leadership wing of the party led so successfully by the Clintons.

When Dean became party chair, he promised to have the Democratic party compete in all 50 states for the first time in generations. I seem to remember that the old guard of the party thought that was a terrible idea. The party has gone on to build an effective grass-roots machine all across America.

Obama is now taking advantage of Howard Dean's vision, contempt for the Clintons and brilliant organizational talents. I just wish Obama had Dean's courage and willingness to address policy with specificity.

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