Saturday, April 5, 2008

Alternate Opinion: Corporate Involvement in Schools

District Administration Magazine has a feature in its April 2008 issue about corporate involvement in schools. Inside the feature is an interview with Billionaire education philanthropist, Eli Broad. I ask some questions about turning public schools into the plaything of rich folks.

Read Public Schools? Be wary of a gift that might squash the benefits of public education.

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  • Gary,

    I've been very slowly been making my way through a book by Dr. William J Cook Jr. called Unencorporating Education where he states "the nation’s fundamental institutions, by intent or by default, have abandoned the historical Western idea of education and thus have opened the door for a hostile takeover by corporate America." There's more at my posts and

    So often it seems that we (if I may jump on stage with you and a few others) think more money will solve our problems. In our exuberance, we sell ourselves to the most generous bidder. As a result we come to rely on those patrons and they get to tell us how to spend their money. We have the expertise, power, and resources to effect the changes we claim to want, but we lack the fortitude.

    By Anonymous Rick Tanski, At April 6, 2008 8:40 PM  

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